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Spotlight: Louis Feider and Aimee Bates

Each quarter we feature an interview with a board member and an employee of Prevention Partnership. Read our interview with Board Member Louis Feider and Prevention Coordinator, Aimee Bates.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work with Prevention Partnership?

Louis: Prevention Partnership continues to be a pioneer in implementing prevention in some of the most high-risk areas in Chicago. Knowing the positive and important impact our programs have is very rewarding to me.

Aimee: The most rewarding aspect of working with Prevention Partnership has been working directly with the youth throughout the Westside of Chicago.

How did you first become involved with Prevention Partnership and what excited you most about working with Prevention Partnership?

Louis: I was tasked to oversee a team to refresh the logo, mission statement and website. While developing the mission statement I found myself captivated by their mission and discovered how impactful Prevention Partnership is in executing their programs.

Aimee: I first became involved with Prevention Partnership when I volunteered at its 2nd annual Prevention Bowl, where youth from the South and Westside competed in a tournament. As an anthropologist it was very inspiring to see the determination and excitement in the eyes of the youth, I felt compelled to be part of an organization putting the youth first.

What initiatives with Prevention Partnership are you most excited about?

Louis: Telling our story. There are many highly successful programs Prevention Partnership undertakes in the community. Doing so in one of the most challenging yet talented cities in the world is a story that needs to be shared.

Aimee: All of our initiatives build value and commitment to our communities; however, the ones dear to me include our Youth Prevention Education Services, and National Prevention Week where the youth we work with take lead and develop areas and take the concerns of youth to create meaningful solutions.

What's your favorite part of your role with Prevention Partnership?

Louis: Collaborating with the Board, who are some of the most empathic and intelligent people I’ve worked with. Sharing a common goal of making an impact that helps to secure the future of our youth.

Aimee: My favorite part of my role is connecting and developing relationships with neighborhood schools and their administrators to provide substance use prevention services.

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