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Spotlight: Michealangelo McClendon & Daryl Edwards

Each quarter we feature an interview with a board member and an employee of Prevention Partnership. Read our interview with Board Member Michaelangelo McClendon and Director Daryl Edwards.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work with Prevention Partnership?

Michaelangelo: The most rewarding aspect of working with Prevention Partnership, being on the board allows me to reach back to my Chicago roots and my forever neighborhood of Englewood where I grew up and is accountable for a large part of my success. The programs and prevention measure being provided in Englewood is the most rewarding work for my service to the Prevention Partnership.

Daryl: The most rewarding aspect is having the opportunity to help others in the community. Many people spend a whole career simply just interested in corporate profits and personal gain.

How did you first become involved with Prevention Partnership and what excited you most about working with Prevention Partnership?

Michaelangelo: I became involved with Prevention Partnership when they came to Indianapolis and presented on the innovation of what they were doing in my home city. I was on a coalition and had completed a neighborhood study of alcohol outlets to compare with the data they were presenting at the coalition meeting. I was positioned by Cynthia Oda to apply to join the advisory board first and eventually that became my time as a board member.

Daryl: I first became involved as a high school student assisting with computer support before enrolling as a freshman in engineering at University of Illinois Chicago. After several years working with the agency directors on proposal writing, in 1983 HIV/AIDS in the African American community was an emerging need and the agency had no history in the subject matter as well with the LBGTQ community. So I volunteered to lead the effort myself over several years developing and managing over 1.2 million dollars in projects for the City of Chicago, State of Illinois and Federal Government including the Faith Based Community.

What initiatives with Prevention Partnership are you most excited about?

Michaelangelo: I can say I am excited about all the work Prevention Partnership does, but I am extremely excited as the Executive Director of the coalition in Indiana that will join the Great Lakes Urban Initiative to create a united prevention strategy.

Daryl: Beverage Alcohol Seller and Server Education Training (BASSET) program is a training program designed to educate all bartenders, restaurant workers, waiters, waitresses, on the dangers of impaired driving and underage sales. Since 2015, BASSET became mandatory in the entire state of Illinois and our program now serves the entire state and all ethnic communities.

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