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Parent Marijuana Communication

Read insights below regarding this year's Parent Marijuana Communication:

  • Underage marijuana use can permanently change how the brain looks and operates. Protect your teen's brain by sharing the long- term risks of cannabis use.

  • Your child's brain is still developing. Ensure they know that using marijuana now can harm their brain functions later.

  • Understand how regular cannabis use can harm your teen's mental health and increase their risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

  • As a parent, it's vital to safeguard your teen's physical and mental well-being. Do this by sharing how regular teen cannabis can cause or worsen mental health conditions.

  • Set and enforce 'no use' rules around underage cannabis use. Children are less likely to use marijuana when they know their parents disapprove of it.

  • Limit your teen's risk. Set and enforce a zero- tolerance policy around teen cannabis use.

  • Children are trying marijuana young. Don't miss the moment to discuss the risks of underage marijuana use with your teen.

  • Sometimes the best time to talk with your teen about not using cannabis is during informal interactions. Have these conversations over a meal or during a shared activity.

  • Understand how marijuana threatens the developing mind. When you know the risks of underage marijuana use, you can share these risks with your teen.

  • According to the 2018 Illinois Youth survey, most teens don't use marijuana. Does your teen know this?

  • Discussing the risks of teen marijuana use is as vital as not allowing it.

  • Share the risks and enforce the rules. Teens are less likely to use marijuana when they know their parents disapprove of it.


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