The West Side Heroin/Opioid Task Force


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The West Side Heroin/Opioid Task Force Overview:

Convened in 2016 by State Representative La Shawn K. Ford, IL-8, and coordinated by Prevention Partnership since July 2019, the Task Force brings together community- based agencies (CBO), governmental entities, health care providers and persons with lived experience to confront the epidemic of opioid overdoses and resultant deaths in Chicago’s West Side communities. A key element of the project to date has been the project’s communications plan which is aligned with best practices for public health communications as described by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 


Goal:  Stronger mental and physical health


  • Raise awareness of illegal drug use

  • Increase supportive services for persons who use drugs

  • Increase overdose response

  • Integrate mental health and substance use disorder treatment and recovery

  • Implement a coordinated collaborative for better outcomes




Task Force Membership: