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Great Lakes Regional Initiative/6 Midwest State Project

Programs & Activities

GLUI Programming & Activities 

❖Peer-to-Peer idea-generation, problem-solving, project development, education and training, and interaction and support.  


❖Provide an information clearinghouse focused on educational and training opportunities, culturally-intelligent approaches to serving people of color, program innovations and successes, government and foundation funding opportunities, and networking.  


❖Promote national, multi-state, and statewide recognition for culturally intelligent, best practices, and practice-based programming developed by and used with people of color and inner-city populations.  


❖Coordinated regional project development, financing, and implementation in the areas of mental health, alcohol and other drug prevention and treatment, and trauma-informed care.  


❖Support the development, financing, and implementation of local programing aimed at inner-city youth, adults, and families. 

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