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Family and Youth Financial Literacy

FDIC Money Smart

The Money Smart Financial Education Curriculum was launched by the FDIC as a nationwide initiative in September of 2001. The curriculum was designed to help adults enhance their money management skills understand basic financial services offered by the financial mainstream, and build financial confidence to use banking services effectively. Money Smart was also designed to provide financial institutions with a tool to assist in community outreach in low income areas and assist in economic development.

The Money Smart curriculum consists of ten modules:


Bank On It:

An introduction to bank services.


Keep It Safe:

Learn your rights as a consumer.


Borrowing Basics:

An introduction to credit.


Check It Out:

How to choose and keep a checking account.


Money Matters:

How to keep track of your money.


To Your Credit:

How your credit history will affect your credit future.

MoneySmart Module Icons.png

Charge It Right:

How to make a credit card work for you.


Loan to Own:

Know what you're borrowing before you buy.


Pay Yourself First:

Why you should save, save, save.


Your Own Home:

What home ownership is all about. 

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